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So…ODD DUCK Syndrome

This will be a harder post to write. And there may be language that is offensive to some.

My aunt was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Oh, and not just one lung cancer, TWO. Seriously? Who gets 2 different types of lung cancer. Oh, right. MY family. MY family doesn’t know how to do things the ‘right’ way. We always tend to go outside of the box. We become the conundrums for doctors. Hence from now on, we are calling her cancer ODD DUCK SYNDROME. You’ve got to laugh and joke about it, right?

This is hard for me. Because it’s cancer and cancer sucks. And this is my dad’s sister. This is my blood aunt. I only have one. She has been a permanent fixture my whole life. She isn’t going anywhere. I won’t let her.Well, I will be holding her hand and encouraging her the whole way.

My dad was one of three siblings. He was the oldest and my aunt is the youngest. My dad passed away from a stroke back in 2007 (on a side note, that was harder to write than I thought it would be). My dad’s parents both passed away when I was younger. So, from my dad’s side, I have my Uncle Michael and my Auntie Maureen. That’s it. Well, I have my cousins (three girl cousins), but I am talking adults here. And by adult, I mean over 40 (the age keeps changing in our family as we get older. They don’t want us to sit at the adult table!).

So, back to ODD DUCK SYNDROME. My aunt has Squamous stage 1 cancer in her left lung and Adenocarcinoma stage 3 cancer in her right lung. Now, the question is, what is the plan? Where do we go from here? The left lung is operable, but the right lung isn’t. We are now in the waiting phase. Waiting for doctor’s appointments and surgeon’s appointments and then hopefully there will be a plan.

She has recently started her own blog (bradysblogmyhealthjourney.wordpress.com) so that she can put down all the information and diagnoses in one place so everyone can see it. I find this brave and remarkable. She is literally putting it out there for everyone to see. It will be a long and grueling process and she is willing to write everything down and post it for people to see. Maybe for people to relate to, and see that they aren’t the only ones struggling. Maybe just for her sanity. It keeps everything in one place. She hopes that this is will be a way to keep everyone updated. I encourage you to follow her blog, post comments or tell your story and please keep her in your thoughts.

Seriously, F@#k Cancer!


*I guess the language wasn’t really offensive. But I wasn’t sure until I started writing if that would be the case.

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