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Rough days lead to rough weeks….

Hi again,

My week just keeps getting better. I know that I told you all about the week from H-E-L-L (O – operator, connect me number 9. Anyone remember this?) but the week doesn’t end there. Oh no, that would make life easy. And life isn’t fair. Isn’t that what we are always telling the kids?

Ethan’s week turned into three weeks. And it’s not that the next 2 weeks were rough in the sense of school, but we decided to come down with the stomach flu. But I am jumping ahead. Let me start with Monday.

I took Ethan to his pediatrician after the fiasco from the week before. I wanted to see if she had anything to offer for a solution. We had talked about pre-pubescent puberty (as he was a preemie), we had talked about possibly sending him for more testing. Anyway, I wanted to see what she would say. So off we go to his appointment. It lasts for 2 hours. 2 HOURS. And this is the norm when we go and see her. I love that she is so thorough, so you won’t hear me complaining about that. No, she doesn’t want to send him for more testing. She doesn’t think he has autism or ADHD or anything else. No, he isn’t showing signs of pre-pubescent puberty. No, he doesn’t need medication of any sort. Oh but wait. There is something. He has now been diagnosed with having migraines. Migraines at 8. This really sucks. I am not sure if any of you have experienced a migraine, but I have. They are debilitating. Head pounds, eyes are sensitive to light, ears are sensitive to every little sound, usually you are sick to your stomach. Now, imagine going through that as an 8 year old, in the middle of a school of 700 kids. I can’t even. So we need to start him up on some vitamins as a preventative for the headaches. And yes, she thinks, maybe seeing a therapist of some sort would be good for him. Oh, he’s showing signs of liking art? There are art therapists out there. Find one to go and see. Oh and maybe get his eyes checked. Just in case there is an issue with his sight.

So, that’s all fine and dandy. I am sure that it isn’t the easy fix the teachers were hoping for, but lets try something. Anything at this point. I take him back to school and head to work. No more excitement for this momma! Ha! You think that it would be that simple? Nope, later that night Ethan starts throwing up. Violently. Every hour. All. Night. Long. It’s okay, we’ve been through this before. 20ml of fluids every 15 minutes until he stops throwing up. But what do you do when he won’t stop throwing up? And he’s not eating or drinking? Well, off to emergency we go. At this point, he has not kept fluids or solids down for more that 18 hours and he is running a fever and fairly lethargic. I know that I might be over-reacting, but the last time he got the flu, we ended up in the hospital for 3 nights with pneumonia. So I am not taking risks here. I spent 3 hours in emerg only for the doctors to tell me it is a stomach flu and to head home because it should get better within 24 hours. Guess what? It didn’t get better within 24 hours. Ethan ended up missing 4 days of school due to being sick. And to top it all off, I ended up with the stomach bug as well. Our house went on quarantine for 2 days.

Oh and in the midst of all of this happening at our house, I received a phone call that my aunt’s cancer had spread. Seriously, F#%K cancer! I can’t believe it. I just can’t. She has asked me to come to her appointment on the 8th of February to be a third set of ears again. This appointment is basically just a run down of the plan. They have found small lesions in the brain that they believe are cancer. And they want to start radiation on these right away. As of today, she has gone for 3 radiation treatments. She has had to up her medication dose, but she seems to be doing well, and I am so amazed by her drive. She is fighting the whole way. I can’t imagine her strength through this all.

At the end of the week of illness, it snowed! And not just a little bit. A LOT! Ethan was finally feeling better. Chase couldn’t wait to get outside. Everything was turning around! YAY SNOW!! We really love the snow in this house. Maybe it’s because we don’t get a lot of it living on the west coast, or maybe it is just because we are crazy. Either way, we spent a lot of time outside enjoying it. Sledding, snowball fights, snow forts, snowmen, everything! Then Monday rolled around and we were all ready to get back to a routine. Back to early mornings, school, packing lunches, work and the gym. But no. Mother Nature just laughed at us. The school called a snow day. A snow day? What’s that you might ask? I have never had a snow day. I lived in the interior growing up and we always had snow, and we still had to go to school. But not here, not in the Lower Mainland. Nope, it was not safe to go outside, so no school! Boys were excited, mom and dad, not so much. So now, we have to find someone to watch the boys. Thankfully my mother-in-law is amazing! She is usually able to help whenever we need it.

So, that was the start to last week. And it didn’t get worse, but depending on who you are talking to, it didn’t get better either. Tuesday, they called a snow day. Usually I am off on Tuesdays so this wouldn’t be a problem, but as it was coming up to the Family Day weekend here in BC, I switched my day off to Friday so we could leave earlier to get away for the weekend. Alright husband, time to step up! I have told him that he needs to stay home with the boys, as we don’t have anyone available to come and stay with them. Only then does he inform me that ‘hmmm…I doesn’t think I am feeling so hot.’ Man Flu…… there are no words. Well, hunny, I love you, but mama doesn’t get sick days, so neither do you.

Wednesday morning, as I mentioned before, I went to my aunt’s appointment. Boys went to school, husband went to work. After the appointment, I went to work. Ahh… All is right in the world. Then Wednesday night, we get a large amount of snow again. You guessed it! Snow Day. Only, I am calling this one an ICE DAY, or maybe a RAIN DAY. It isn’t snowing anymore, but it’s freezing outside and pouring rain. I can only imagine what the fields and paths at the school must be like. Definitely a safety issue. Again, thanks to my mother-in-law for dropping everything and coming to hang out with the boys. Seriously, she is amazing!

Needless to say, we definitely need to get back on track. Here’s hoping next week is better!


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