Seriously, F&#k cancer 

I feel like I want my blog to be this happy-go-lucky fun site with all the quirks of parenting and adulting and everything that goes with it. But that isn’t really how life is, is it?

Life is a delicate balance between the good and the bad. It seems to know just where the boundary is before you can’t take it anymore. I feel like I’ve hit my boundary. 

As mentioned before, my aunt was diagnosed with lung cancer. Not one type, but two types of lung cancer. One was operable, one wasn’t. So radiation was the solution. Then the did the PET scan. Oh, she has it in her esophagus too. Great. Just great. So let’s schedule her for an MRI to make sure it isn’t in her brain as well. Guess what? Yeah, cancer in her brain. FML, but wait? It’s not my life. It’s her life. And it is my sister’s (seester felt too cheery for this post) life. And yes, in some way, (a big way)it affects me, but it’s not my life. 

Radiation treatments started last week. She was doing pretty well. Some headaches, pain, the usual, but for the most part she was feeling fine. And then the swelling in her leg started. So yesterday at a routine radiation appointment (can you call radiation appointments routine?) her doctor came in and saw her. They sent her for an ultrasound and then sent her to emerg. Yes, she definitely had a blood clot. No, she probably wouldn’t be going home. Did you know blood clots were common in cancer patients? I didn’t. 

I don’t understand how someone can have an incurable disease and still have things go wrong. Yes, I know. The mysteries of the universe. But why do some people get off easy and some people just seem to keep getting knocked down?

Anyway, I am hoping to go and see her today. Please keep her in your prayers, thoughts, etc. Anything helps at this point and is greatly appreciated. 


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