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Our Oregon Coast Adventure : Day 1

(side note: This didn’t publish on Sunday night as I had hoped. So you will be getting 2 days today!)


So today was the day. We were heading to Seaside, Oregon for our week long vacation. I was super excited. There is so many things I want to do: stop in Astoria, see the Goonies house (I know, you can’t go in anymore), Tillamook Dairy Farm, Portland, Voodoo Donuts, Powell Books, the lighthouses, etc, etc. But first we had to get there.

Many of you won’t know (OBVIOUSLY) our good friends got married last night. Well, there was an open bar AND we had a limo ride home. So needless to say, we stayed out later than intended and we may have had a few drinks, someone more than the other. The wedding was beautiful and perfect and we could’t be more happy for the bride and groom.

I feel like I am missing something; oh yeah, it’s my birthday today! Yay to having the first day of my vacation, also being my birthday. It’s the best present I could have given myself, and I am going to spend all week enjoying it.

So, this is how our morning went:

2:00am – bedtime

6:00am – I am wide awake. Can’t fall back asleep no matter how hard I try.

7:30am – Okay, just get up and get organized already. What’s the point of laying in bed freaking out about everything, when I can just get up and do it.

8:00am – Okay, suitcases are all double checked, loaded into the car. Do I have the wagon? Runners, flip flops and Keens for the boys? Sandals and shoes for me? What shoes do you think Sean wants? Should I maybe grab a nice pair of shoes for me too? Sunscreen, aftersun, bug spray, after bite, etc all packed? Toiletries packed? Did I pack enough socks? How about clothes for the boys? Oh wait, there is a washer and dryer there. Wait, did I pack bathing suits?

8:45am – Car is packed. I have double and triple checked at this point. And even with all those check points, I still know I will discover something we have forgotten. Now, I need to get the new-to-us bike rack on. Is it too early to call the neighbours? Our neighbour used to install them and he said he would come by and help Sunday morning. Of course it’s too early. It’s 8:45am on a Sunday. Most normal people sleep in. Okay, I’ll wait 15 more minutes. (twiddling thumbs)

9:00am – Send apologetic text to the neighbours, hoping I don’t wake them up. Hallelujah! They are awake! He can come and help me install the car rack! Yakima King Pro here we come! Boys can finally bring their bikes with them.

9:10am – Husband wakes up.

9:30am – Car is loaded, bikes are on, just need to water all our plants, lock up and pick up the boys. Vacation time can finally start!

10:00am – Boys are ready to go and we are pretty much ready to hit the road! Yay vacation time!

Now here in the story is where you are probably expecting things to go wrong. Spoiler alert! This trip was fabulous. Nothing happened. We drove, we ate lunch, and we arrived safe and sound after stopping at Costco.

But, I wanted to give a shout out to our lunch stop. We looked at the map and decided that we would stop in Olympia, WA and get lunch as it is halfway there. I googled, ‘Olympia, food stops just off of I5.’ I didn’t want to have to drive too far, but I wasn’t really into a chain restaurant either. IT is my birthday after all. So up pops this pizza place and I think to myself, okay, why not. The boys like pizza, I like pizza, it looks like it is close to the I5. Sure, this is where I think we should stop. Then I look at the name. Dirty Dave’s Pizza Parlor. Hmm…do you think they allow families? Oh well, the reviews are good, we are still going to try it. Seriously, one of the best decisions made today. This place is totally kitschy, but the food was delicious and I LOVE a good hole in the wall. This was just off the I5, in Olympia, a bit farther down Martin Avenue than I might have normally travelled, but I was so happy with the choice. It had crazy license plates all over the wall, an arcade game room the kids, you order at the till and was just overall, so 80s! It was fabulous! I highly recommend stopping there if you get a chance.

So after we had all had our fill, back into the car we went. We took a different route than originally planned as our GPS told us it was better. I think it just knew that we need to go that way to see the BRADY —> sign. There’s a town named Brady? Yes! This is amazing! (maiden name) There was even a water tower, but I didn’t see it until too late. The road we took was windy, but beautiful. Lots of trees, flowers, not a ton of traffic and the boys even got to see a deer running alongside the highway. Then we started seeing glimpses of the ocean! This is my favourite! I LOVE the water, but the ocean is better!

We finally arrived at our rental, and it is beautiful! It is tiny and quaint from the outside, but the inside wowed us. The owners have updated the entire inside and it is perfect! There are 4 bedrooms, 2 upstairs with ocean views, and one room upstairs that has 2 single beds. Perfect for the boys. There are tiny little beach touches that make it perfect, but not too in your face. There is even a hot tub in the backyard! All in all, I think I am going to be pretty happy here for the week.


It’s time for bed, but I couldn’t miss our first sunset while we are here!


Stay tuned for more stories about our Oregon adventure!


P.S. Did I mention the Costco bag of pretzels is half the size of Ethan??


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